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The Image Systems Engineering Toolbox (ISET) provides an extensive software environment that engineers and scientists use to invent, simulate, analyze and communicate about the performance of imaging systems.

ISET is implemented as an integrated suite of Matlab functions and data structures that

  • represent the radiometric properties of scenes and illuminants
  • model image formation through optical elements such as microlens arrays and camera lenses
  • characterize the sensitivity and noise of sensors, including spatial and spectral sampling of color filter arrays (CFAs)
  • implement image processing algorithms
  • calculate a calibrated (radiometric) representation of the rendered image

ISET was created to help engineering teams

  • communicate effectively across different realms of expertise
  • predict the effect that changes to individual imaging components will have upon system performance
  • experiment with new designs without incurring the cost of building a physical device

By simulating all the components in an imaging system, including properties of the scene, optics, sensor, image processing and display, it is possible to evaluate design tradeoffs, optimize image-processing algorithm and invent new imaging systems.

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