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Contact for information about how you can download and install a free Demo version of ISET or purchase the ISET source code.

ISET requires a Matlab license and the Matlab Image Processing Toolbox.

Demo version

The demo version of ISET was created for evaluation purposes and does not include the Matlab source code. However, the compiled code will still allow you to access ISET through a graphical user interface (GUI) and to view and edit tutorial scripts that illustrate how to load ISET data and call ISET functions. When our clients purchase ISET, they receive the Matlab source code.

ISET source code

Most of our customers use ISET by writing Matlab scripts that call ISET functions. ISET includes a directory of scripts that provide examples of how to use ISET to build a model of a digital imaging system. The computations and data that are used to create simulations are transparent, since you have access to both the source code and the data.

You can also use ISET by loading data, specifying parameters and selecting computations through an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI provides the means to visualize images of the scene, optical image, sensor image and the final processed images rendered on a calibrated (modeled) display. The GUI also provides the means to plot the much higher dimensional underlying data that was used to generate the rgb images.

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