Experiments setting exposure separately for each color channel

To control exposure per channel, set exposure times to be a matrix matched in size to the sensor cfa pattern.

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Create a scene, oi, and sensor

scene  = sceneCreate;
scene  = sceneSet(scene,'fov',4);

oi     = oiCreate;
oi     = oiCompute(scene,oi);
sensor = sensorCreate;
ip     = ipCreate;
Interpolating display SPD for consistency with new wave.

Set the channel exposures, long for blue

% Array is GR/BG.  Each time (in ms) is exposure duration for a color type.

% Relatively long blue exposure
T1 = [0.04    0.030;
    0.30    0.02];

% Place the exp time
sensor = sensorSet(sensor,'exposure duration',T1);

% Compute
sensor = sensorCompute(sensor,oi);
sensor = sensorSet(sensor,'name','Bluish');
ieAddObject(sensor); sensorWindow('scale',1);

Now for a long red exposure

T1 = [0.04    0.70;
    0.0300    0.02];
sensor = sensorSet(sensor,'exposure duration',T1);
sensor = sensorCompute(sensor,oi);
sensor = sensorSet(sensor,'name','Reddish');

% Click on the CFA exposure button to popup the channel exposure settings

Show the image processed result

ip = ipCompute(ip,sensor);

The same calculation with a camera objet

camera = cameraCreate;
camera = cameraSet(camera,'sensor exposure duration',T1);
camera = cameraCompute(camera,scene);

Camera from default oi,sensor and ip
Interpolating display SPD for consistency with new wave.
Warning: Resizing sensor to match scene FOV (4.0)