Rotate a scene

Illustrate the sceneRotate function. We rotate a scene of a star pattern, extract the luminance image, and show it as a sequence of frames.

Copyright Imageval, LLC, 2014



Simple star pattern scene

scene  = sceneCreate('star pattern');
fps = 30;    % Frames per second
rate = 1;    % Degrees per frame
nFrames = 50;% Enough frames to feel good

Make a movie of the pattern rotating

for ii=1:nFrames
    % waitbar(ii/nFrames,w,sprintf('Scene %i',ii));

    % Rotation is shrinking the image.  Figure out why.
    deg = ii*rate;
    s = sceneRotate(scene,deg);

    % You could just look at the scene
    % vcAddObject(s); sceneWindow;

    % But instead I made a movie of the scene luminance
    imagesc(sceneGet(s,'luminance')); colormap(gray); pause(1/fps);