Combining multiple illuminants in a single scene

Use the spatial-spectral illuminant feature to create a scene with two illuminants, one at the top and another at the bottom.

ISET scenes represent the scene spectral radiance and the scene illuminant. The spectral radiance is a hypercube of data, that is a spectral power distribution at each scene point.

The scene illuminant can be a single spectral power distribution, in which case the illuminant is assumed to be the same (constant) across the entire scene.

Alternatively, the scene illuminant can also be a hypercube of the same size as the scene spectral radiance. In that case, the illuminant, which we call spatial-spectral, is allowed to vary across the scene.

See also: sceneAdjustIlluminant, imageMultiView, illuminantCreate, s_sceneIlluminantSpace

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The mixture of two illuminants

s1 = sceneCreate('macbeth tungsten');
s1 = sceneIlluminantSS(s1);
illT = sceneGet(s1,'illuminant energy');

s2 = sceneCreate;
s2 = sceneIlluminantSS(s2);
illD65 = sceneGet(s2,'illuminant energy');

Make a spatially mixed illuminant

ill = illT;  % Start with tungsten everywhere

% Select the top half from the D65 illuminant
sz = sceneGet(s1,'size');
rows = round(1:(sz(1)/2));
cols = round(1:sz(2));
ill(rows,cols,:) = illD65(rows,cols,:);

% Put the new illuminant in place
s = sceneAdjustIlluminant(s1,ill);
s = sceneSet(s,'name','Mixed illuminant');

ieAddObject(s1);  % Tungsten
ieAddObject(s2);  % D65
ieAddObject(s);   % Mixed
% sceneWindow;