How well does sceneFromRGB perform?

Compare a hyperspectral scene estimated from an RGB image to the original hyperspectral scene.

The bottom line is that

* the RGB and XYZ are preserved
* the illuminant is preserved, but
* the reflectances differ a little.

See also: sceneFromFile, sceneAdjustIlluminant, blackbody

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Read in a multispectral scene

fullFileName = fullfile(isetRootPath,'data','images','multispectral','StuffedAnimals_tungsten-hdrs');
wList = 400:10:700;
scene = sceneFromFile(fullFileName,'multispectral',[],[],wList);
bb = blackbody(sceneGet(scene,'wave'),6500,'energy');
scene = sceneAdjustIlluminant(scene,bb);

ieAddObject(scene); sceneWindow;  % Display the scene in the scene window
Reading multispectral data with mcCOEF.
Saved using svd method

Obtain the sRGB data from the scene

rgb = sceneGet(scene,'rgb');
meanL = sceneGet(scene,'mean luminance');

% Load a display and convert the sRGB to a scene
displayCalFile = 'LCD-Apple.mat';
sceneRGB = sceneFromFile(rgb,'rgb',meanL,d);
sceneRGB = sceneSet(sceneRGB,'name','From RGB');
% ieAddObject(sceneRGB); sceneWindow;

% Now convert the illuminant
wave = sceneGet(sceneRGB,'wave');
bb = blackbody(wave,6500);
sceneRGB = sceneAdjustIlluminant(sceneRGB,bb);
sceneRGB = sceneAdjustLuminance(sceneRGB,meanL);

sceneRGB = sceneSet(sceneRGB,'name','From RGB 6500K');
ieAddObject(sceneRGB); sceneWindow;