Change the illuminant spectral power distribution of a scene

ISET lets you specify any spectral power distribution as a scene illuminant, and the data/lights directory includes a large number of standard lights, including fluorescents, tungsten, LED, daylights, and blackbody.

The scene window lets you select a new scene illuminant from the pulldown menu.

Edit | Adjust SPD | Change illuminant

Illuminants can vary across the scene.

See also: sceneAdjustIlluminant, s_Illuminant, s_sceneIlluminantSpace

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Create a default scene

% sceneCreate creates a scene object. In this case, without any
% arguments, sceneCreate simulates a Macbeth ColorChecker
% uniformly illuminated with daylight 6500 (D65)

scene = sceneCreate;
ieAddObject(scene); sceneWindow;

% Plot the illuminant.
scenePlot(scene,'illuminant photons');

Replace the current illuminant with a tungsten illuminant

% Read the Tungsten spectral power distribution.
wave  = sceneGet(scene,'wave');
TungstenEnergy = ieReadSpectra('Tungsten.mat',wave);

% The variable TungstenEnergy is a vector of illuminant energies
% at each wavelength.
scene = sceneAdjustIlluminant(scene,TungstenEnergy);
scene = sceneSet(scene,'illuminantComment','Tungsten illuminant');

ieAddObject(scene); sceneWindow;
scenePlot(scene,'illuminant photons roi');

Read in a multispectral scene from data/images

sceneFile = fullfile(isetRootPath,'data','images','multispectral','StuffedAnimals_tungsten-hdrs.mat');
scene = sceneFromFile(sceneFile,'multispectral');
ieAddObject(scene); sceneWindow;
scenePlot(scene,'illuminant energy');
Reading multispectral data with mcCOEF.
Saved using svd method

Change the illuminant to equal energy

% This time, we send in the file name rather than the vector of
% illuminant energies
scene = sceneAdjustIlluminant(scene,'equalEnergy.mat');
ieAddObject(scene); sceneWindow; % display sceneWindow

Convert the scene to the sunset color, Horizon_Gretag

scene = sceneAdjustIlluminant(scene,'Horizon_Gretag.mat');
ieAddObject(scene); sceneWindow;