The effect of human pupil size on defocus

Thibos and colleagues in Indiana collected wavefront aberration data for the human eye using Shack-Hartman wavefront sensors. These data were collected at a large pupil diameter.

Here, we set these data into the Zernike coefficients, and then we explore the effects of changing the pupil size. We evaluate the effect by computing the expected pointspread function.

See also: wvfLoadThibsVirtualEyes, wvfCreate, wvfPlot

(BW) (c) Wavefront Toolbox Team, 2014




Load the Thibos data for one of the pupil diameter sizes

pupilMM = 7.5;        % Could be set to 6, 4.5, or 3 ...
zCoefs = wvfLoadThibosVirtualEyes(pupilMM);

% Create the wvf parameter structure with the appropriate values
wave = 520';
wvfP = wvfCreate('wave',wave,'zcoeffs',zCoefs,'name',sprintf('%d-pupil',pupilMM));
wvfP = wvfSet(wvfP,'pupil diameter',pupilMM);

Calculate the effect of varying the pupil diameter

cPupil = [2,4,7];
for ii=1:sum(cPupil<=pupilMM)
    wvfP = wvfSet(wvfP,'pupil diameter',cPupil(ii));
    wvfP = wvfComputePSF(wvfP);
    wvfPlot(wvfP,'2d psf space','um',wave,20);
    title(sprintf('pupil diameter %.1f mm',cPupil(ii)));