Using the oiCompute function

This script illustrates how the scene spectral radiance is transformed by the optics to the sensor irradiance. The key function is oiCompute.

We use the term optical image (oi) to refer to the object that describes the basic properties of the spectral irradiance at the sensor. The conversion of the scene radiance to spectral radiance is largely determined by the parameters of the optics. The optics object is attached to the oi object.

The oiCompute function governs the computation from scene to the oi. For a longer discussion see t_oiIntroduction.

See also: t_oiComputeDetails, oiCompute, t_oiIntroduction, t_sceneIntroduction, t_optics<TAB>

Copyright ImagEval Consultants, LLC, 2010.



Create a scene and oi (irradiance) image from an array of points

scene = sceneCreate('point array');
scene = sceneSet(scene,'hfov',1);
ieAddObject(scene); sceneWindow;

% Diffraction limited optics
oi = oiCreate;

% Compute optical image and show it
oi = oiCompute(scene,oi);
ieAddObject(oi); oiWindow;

Increase the f-number, compute and show the new image

optics = oiGet(oi,'optics');
fnSmall = opticsGet(optics,'f number');
fnBig   = 3* fnSmall;

optics = oiGet(oi,'optics');
optics = opticsSet(optics,'fNumber',fnBig);
oi2 = oiSet(oi,'optics',optics);
oi2 = oiCompute(scene,oi2);
ieAddObject(oi2); oiWindow;

Plot the psf of the optics

thisWave = 600;
set(gca,'xlim',[-20 20],'ylim',[-20 20]);
colormap(0.5*copper + 0.5*ones(size(copper)));

Plot the irradiance image

gridSpacing = 5; % um
oiPlot(oi,'irradiance image with grid',[],gridSpacing);
set(gca,'xlim',[-20 20],'ylim',[-20 20])
title(sprintf('F-number = %d',fnSmall))

Change the f/# of the optics and replot

set(gca,'xlim',[-20 20],'ylim',[-20 20])

colormap(0.5*copper + 0.5*ones(size(copper)))
title(sprintf('F-number = %d',fnBig))

gridSpacing = 5;
oiPlot(oi2,'irradiance image with grid',[],gridSpacing);
set(gca,'xlim',[-20 20],'ylim',[-20 20])
title(sprintf('F-number = %d',fnBig))