Illustrates how to write out an image to a file from the IP

After computing images, you may want to write them in a simple format to mail and show to colleagues. Each of the objects has a method for extracting the image that is shown in the GUI window. Here, we illustrate the method for the ip structure.

Check the other calls, such as: sceneGet(scene,'rgb image');

See also: ipGet

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Cook up some data

scene  = sceneCreate('reflectance chart');
scene  = sceneSet(scene,'hfov',10);

oi     = oiCreate;
sensor = sensorCreate;
sensor = sensorSetSizeToFOV(sensor,10,scene,oi);
ip     = ipCreate;

oi     = oiCompute(oi,scene);
sensor = sensorCompute(sensor,oi);
ip     = ipCompute(ip,sensor);
Interpolating display SPD for consistency with new wave.

Get data in some format from the image processor

% The sRGB is a standard display format, and this is what we show in the
% window.
result = ipGet(ip,'srgb');

It is also possible to get the linear RGB values

These are stored in the result, and they do not correct for the display characteristics.

raw = ipGet(ip,'result');

Once you have the data, use standard Matlab utilities to write the file

fname = 'deleteMe.jpg';